Home insurance

Have you contracted a loan for home purchase or renovation? If the answer is affirmative, you cannot help but subscribe to an insurance policy aimed at the purpose that allows you to ” protect ” your home nest from the risks that may be incurred by a family’s most expensive asset. We know that dwelling […]

Credit Bureau: Credit Information Society of Mexico

The request for financial products is not limited to just asking for and obtaining the desired amount of money. Many other factors are involved in the decision making of loan companies when they accept or deny a client’s request. One of those factors is the status of your credit history in a credit information society […]

What is the risk of not having a credit history?

Lack of credit history Lack of credit history can be just as dangerous as a negative credit history. What exact consequences can we expose then? More commentary at http://www.animalsatheart.org/apply-for-a-small-business-loan-online-get-an-online-business-loan/ When we want to apply for a loan or a loan, we do not often have to provide documents confirming our income. In the case of smaller […]