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Cacodin bank loans (or CitiCacodin as they are known today) are an excellent tool for those who need money in a short time and for different purposes. This entity has a wide range of products and services, among which are the credits. In addition, we can find dozens of branches throughout the country. You will surely find one very close to your home or work!

Within the Cacodin Bank Loans we have different options: personal loans, payroll loans and auto loans. These are its main features:

1. Personal credits

1. Personal credits

One of the most outstanding advantages of this loan is that the client can decide the term of the monthly payments according to his needs, between 24 and 60 months. The interest rate is 17% plus annual VAT, regardless of the amount of fees chosen.

It can be requested at any CitiCacodin branch once preauthorization is obtained as a customer. The minimum amount is $ 3000 and the maximum is $ 750000. It has no annuity costs, although 2% must be paid for opening and a statement of account statement.

The requirements of these Cacodin Bank Loans are: being Mexican or foreign with FM2 format, having a valid official ID, checking income for at least $ 5000, being a CitiCacodin customer, being between 21 and 80 years old, and providing proof of address.

As you pay your loan you can advance fees and finish paying earlier without penalties or additional costs!

2. Payroll Credit

2. Payroll Credit

In recent years, this loan has become the star among Mexican employees. Payroll credit is available only to those clients who receive their salary at the bank. If that is not your case, you can also request in your workplace to carry out the transfer to the entity of your choice (by law they must accept your request and make it possible).

This loan has annual interest rates that revolve around 15%, has no commission for opening or annuity and it is not necessary to justify the destination, that is, you can use it for whatever you want or need.

The minimum is $ 2000 and the maximum is $ 50,000 and it all depends on how much your payroll is. You can get it directly from an ATM and redispose the money you have already paid. Payments are made automatically every 5 months if the salary is monthly or 4 and 19 if it is biweekly. It can be paid in 36, 48 or 60 months.

The requirements for CitiCacodin payroll credit are: be between 21 and 80 years old; be Mexican or resident with FM2 format; have income of at least $ 2000 and a working age of at least three months; have valid official identification and in some cases offer proof of address.

3. Credit for cars

3. Credit for cars

As the name implies, this loan allows you to buy a vehicle, whether new or pre-owned; as long as it is for personal or family use. You can request it once you submit all the documents that indicate the amount of the car and meet the requirements.

The requirements are similar to the others Cacodin bank loans : be Mexican or foreign with legal residence (FM2 format) between 21 and 80 years old, with a valid legal identification (document or passport), proof of address (electricity, gas bills, water, property, telephone) and income of at least $ 2000 per month.

What happens to the so-called ‘preapproved credits’? They are increasingly popular and it is essential to know about them, whether personal, payroll or for cars. Through different means (mainly mail or email) we get a letter from the bank in question indicating that we have available a loan almost ready for us.

It is very difficult to resist temptation and not accept it. But, be careful, because many times that of ‘being so good to be real’ brings several headaches. Of course, if it is a reputable entity such as CitiCacodin it will not be a hoax, however, pay attention because sometimes the interests are very high. In our portal you have immediate loans according to your needs. Do not miss them!

How much money do you want? $ When will you return it? days Return Date: Loan Costs 0 Total to return All asd data is safe with SSL encryption Loan to be repaid in a minimum of 65 days and a maximum of 90 days, with a minimum APR of 188.44% and a maximum of 203.72%. Representative example for the first fast loan: $ 5,000 to be repaid in 65 days. Interest and fees: $ 704.05. Total amount to be returned: $ 5704.05; APR: 203.72%, fixed monthly: 9.7%. APR: 203.72%, fixed monthly: 9.7%.

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