How to Calculate the Loan Interest.

Interest rates in this case are called interest rates during the year. The interest rate includes the calculation of interest days and the calculation of various values ​​such as interest, capital, duration in days or interest rate. How is the annual percentage calculated? Interest rate, as the interest rates have to be recalculated constantly. You […]

Execution is still a big problem for many people

Debts should be settled and repaid. That is not the movement. Not every borrower is responsible and has an endeavor to do something. For those who do not want to be responsible, several steps are taken, which are associated with trying to raise money. It is: Telephone reminders Written reminders Payment Order If none of […]

Visa credit card without changing bank | Money and credits

Among all the possible options of the market, there are very interesting alternatives for customers of financial institutions. Among them is the New Bankile Visa, the card chosen as Master Purchase by the OCU in its Magazine of January-February 2015. It is a credit card issued by the Bankile entity for which it is not […]