Release the burden of your back by carrying a comfortable bag

The average weight of men’s knapsack in Britain is 6 kilograms, and the average weight of women’s knapsack is 2.5 kilograms. Department of orthopedics experts pointed out that too heavy knapsack can cause us to be in sub-health state. Besides waist ache and back pain, it may also hurt our spine. At the same time, if you have a habit of carrying a shoulder bag, you may also cause hump, scoliosis and shoulders.

In fact, the weight of the bag is best not to exceed 2 kilograms, and not for a long time. For example, after entering the subway, even if there is no seat, you can put your bag on the floor and allow yourself to take a rest. If you have to carry on your back, you must constantly change the parts and positions of the force.

In fact, in addition to the weight of articles, many bags are not light because of their material problems. Therefore, when purchasing bags, apart from being able to match the clothing, the weight of the bags can be considered as one of the considerations. In addition, cleaning up the bags frequently and removing excess items can also reduce the weight of the bags and lighten the burden.

Choose a bag for your life

Living in fast-paced cities, they sometimes feel confused and confused, but their inner persevering always sobers girls up. The girls tried to become IT girl, to stop the flow, not to be thin, and to wear the clothes they wore, which reflected their attitude towards fashion and the creed of life. HONGU the Red Valley understand you, the most beautiful secret is confidence.

No matter how fast fashion changes, only classics will be forever. Classic geometry is always the favorite of the fashion world. The regular checkerboard pattern and the simple bag outline strongly express the unique view of HONGU Red Valley on fashion, and its elegant and artistic style is irresistible. Whether you are at work or at a dance, classic styles will keep you as the focus of public attention. Sexy as you, perfect deduction.

The details of Red Valley bag are always pleasant. The charm of love at first sight, the strength of good-bye and the strength of heart are the criteria of determination to join hands. Exquisite carved hollow locks show Red Valley craftsmen’s ultimate pursuit of technology, smooth lines, delicate texture to meet your quality requirements for bags. No matter from which angle, you can feel the designers’ keen sense of fashion. Not necessarily a Virgo, but still required to be perfect.

Internet Bag finally arrives

The introduction of this kind of smart package not only meets the needs of some young consumers to experience smart home products, but also allows this part of consumers to choose intelligent products in a certain degree.

There is no experience in the current intelligent package products. Consumers can only understand the situation from simple product introduction and related video. It may be difficult to really grasp the performance of the smart package and the final use effect. At present, the smart home industry is in the state of a swarm of enterprises. Even if the enterprise has good product innovation, it has not formed a strong brand effect. For consumers, it is a bit difficult to rely on personal strength to judge the quality of the product without the experience of the product.

From the smart package product now launched, it is more than just a single product application, and can not really form an effective smart home system. If you want to form a set of smart home system, it needs to be hard installed in the living room, bedroom, toilet, kitchen and other places early distribution point, convenient for consumers to increase the intelligent demand. If you are really interested in smart home products, you might as well pick up a few pieces of reliable products. Is there any need for such smart packages to be considered carefully?

What needs considering when buying a man bag?

The structure design of a bag is the key, because it determines the performance of the package in terms of practicality, durability, comfort and many other aspects. The more the package function is, the better. The overall design should be simple and practical. A good man bag must have a good backpack design system, such as the belt, belt design is scientific, a comfortable bag should have a wider, thicker and free adjustment of the belt, belt and back pad, because men sometimes do not rule out to put more heavy items in the bag;

At present, the popular bag fabric is Oxford nylon cloth, polyester staple fiber canvas, cowhide and so on. From the aspects of wear resistance, waterproof, quality grade and so on, the best choice is no doubt the men’s bag of cowhide, both noble and durable, but the price will be a little expensive. If considered from the perspective of cost performance, the men’s bag of canvas texture is also a good choice, its style is more fashionable, leisure and durability. There are certain guarantees that Xiaobian suggests that you can choose your own economic situation in two textures of cowhide and canvas.

Volume mainly refers to the size of the bag, men select the size of the bag should be based on the content of the work that a person is often engaged in. The size of the package is determined from the actual needs. The principle is that the principle is not small, the size can be dissatisfied, the small can not be installed. And if a man’s bag is too small, it will be too small.

Buy these fashionable bags in spring

As the cold winter is leaving, are you like me, you can’t wait to get rid of the heavy down coat, want a set of vibrant and full style collocation to meet the best spring? When it comes to collocation, a simple and simple bag is absolutely essential. But the world is very big, a lot of bags, what are the brands of light and luxury packages that are worth buying? Here are some light and luxurious packages for the fairy maiden paper, so that we will be the male queen in this spring.

To say the most popular brand of luxury package brand, MICHAEL KORS most of my heart ~ I said that I recently just lost the Bristol handbag good ~ color is a particularly beautiful navy blue, you can not forget to see. The bag is made of cobblestone leather, which is not only a fine texture, but also a very durable and cost-effective cortex.

Like me, I like to put all the bank cards and all the pocket money in the bag, and love the Bristol handbag that has no layer. Its space is very large. My keys, cards, and apple 8+ can all be put in. Most important! Even if I was so packed every day, the Bristol handbag didn’t collapse at all! Four corners, too, did not appear at all.

How to choose a girl’s summer bag

This summer, give yourself a straw bag, the absolute scenery and the practical, especially with all kinds of beautiful dress, instantly through the feeling of holiday wind, romantic and charming, the whole people look more comfortable.

Summer and dress best match is straw hats and straw hats, straw hats sunscreen sunscreen, along with the quality of lifting, the straw bag is very delicious, and the large capacity is also super practical.

Wine red dress with black flat shoes, very figure, oh, with a cute and picturesque bag around the cat, has it sprouted?

The Tibetan blue National Wind dress is very suitable for the holiday, easy to improve the temperament, with striped patterns of straw bag, fresh and fresh, but also can add a little little decoration, more sweet fashion.

Tips on purchasing a correct bag

The oscillation impact performance is the package body oscillation in the actual application process after the specified load is added according to the specification, and the fastness and strength of the parts and the package are examined and the unqualified rate of the project is very high. For example, the disqualification of the shoulder bag often occurs in the joints of the braces, such as the braces, and other parts. In addition to the narrow and too thin various loops of the connected loops, the mechanical properties of the loops will be poor, and the suture of the loops with the connections between the loops will lead to the loose and even break off of the loops and the cladding. For most sewing bags, observation stitches are the most intuitive way to see stitching quality.
For sutures, it is generally required to match up and down the line, the stitches are straight and the needle distance is consistent. There is no empty needle, leakage needle and jump needle. The density of the needle distance is generally “one inch seven needles”. In the course of our experiment, we found that the more tightly stitched the stitches were, the better the stitching strength would be, and the less convenient it was to open the line. Many shoulder bags will be reinforced at key connections. Secondly, we should also look at the texture of the line, the strength of pure cotton yarn is not high, and the nylon thread is relatively tough.

Another part that is closely related to package quality is accessories, including common zippers, buckles and connectors. Don’t look at these small things, but it’s very critical. In the case of unqualified oscillation shock performance, there are often cracks and breakages of inferior connectors in the load oscillation, especially with the use of recycled materials, although the surface has passed the grinding and electroplating treatment, but the quality is light, low strength and poor bearing capacity, because this selection should try to choose high quality hardware. Connect.

The common back bag fabric includes leather, PU leather, PVC leather, fabric and so on. The leather is also the split layer leather and the caesarean section leather. The head leather is a complete structure of the animal skin, and the performance is generally superior to the caesarean section leather.

When buying a back bag, you should choose the right size according to your needs. The bigger the bag, the better. The larger the size of the bag, the larger the size of the bag, the larger the weight of the actual use, the bigger the weight of the load, the higher the quality of the suture and the shock resistance, and the quality problems in the actual use.

How to choose outdoor travel bags

The body design, using lightweight fabrics, can produce excellent sense of personal comfort and comfort, so that you do not move in the movement, more flexible.

You can put 6 inch mobile phone, key, energy bar and pocket money in your pocket. Safety reflective night running artifact, ventilation and sweat, effectively prevent splashing water. Let you fall in love with the cool run

Cross the classic and fashion boundaries, do not follow the rules to follow the non square and circular design, with a unique style of simplicity to innovate fashion, release hands, let your money, mobile phones, small items carry along with you!

Fashionable and dynamic design, comfortable breathable fabric, edge sports song, decompression and relaxation method, touch control operation, multi use use, when exercise, your mobile phone, key no more place to worry!

How to choose a bag suitable for yourself

Bag is a woman’s life, since it is doomed to the relationship between women and bags, before you greedy for the next bag of your own search for the next bag, it is better to study a few big decisions.

The face with strong facial features and high cheekbones can choose stripe, with a neutral style of personality style, while the small and smooth facial features are suitable for the sweet and sweet bag with more shining ornaments.

When the bag is under the armpit, it can only see its thickness from the front view, so the woman with the fullness of the chest and the rounded waist should choose a thin and elongated rectangular bag. The flat and thin woman in the chest should choose a triangular bag with a thickness on the side to make it a little plump.