Tips on purchasing a correct bag

The oscillation impact performance is the package body oscillation in the actual application process after the specified load is added according to the specification, and the fastness and strength of the parts and the package are examined and the unqualified rate of the project is very high. For example, the disqualification of the shoulder bag often occurs in the joints of the braces, such as the braces, and other parts. In addition to the narrow and too thin various loops of the connected loops, the mechanical properties of the loops will be poor, and the suture of the loops with the connections between the loops will lead to the loose and even break off of the loops and the cladding. For most sewing bags, observation stitches are the most intuitive way to see stitching quality.
For sutures, it is generally required to match up and down the line, the stitches are straight and the needle distance is consistent. There is no empty needle, leakage needle and jump needle. The density of the needle distance is generally “one inch seven needles”. In the course of our experiment, we found that the more tightly stitched the stitches were, the better the stitching strength would be, and the less convenient it was to open the line. Many shoulder bags will be reinforced at key connections. Secondly, we should also look at the texture of the line, the strength of pure cotton yarn is not high, and the nylon thread is relatively tough.

Another part that is closely related to package quality is accessories, including common zippers, buckles and connectors. Don’t look at these small things, but it’s very critical. In the case of unqualified oscillation shock performance, there are often cracks and breakages of inferior connectors in the load oscillation, especially with the use of recycled materials, although the surface has passed the grinding and electroplating treatment, but the quality is light, low strength and poor bearing capacity, because this selection should try to choose high quality hardware. Connect.

The common back bag fabric includes leather, PU leather, PVC leather, fabric and so on. The leather is also the split layer leather and the caesarean section leather. The head leather is a complete structure of the animal skin, and the performance is generally superior to the caesarean section leather.

When buying a back bag, you should choose the right size according to your needs. The bigger the bag, the better. The larger the size of the bag, the larger the size of the bag, the larger the weight of the actual use, the bigger the weight of the load, the higher the quality of the suture and the shock resistance, and the quality problems in the actual use.