Buy these fashionable bags in spring

As the cold winter is leaving, are you like me, you can’t wait to get rid of the heavy down coat, want a set of vibrant and full style collocation to meet the best spring? When it comes to collocation, a simple and simple bag is absolutely essential. But the world is very big, a lot of bags, what are the brands of light and luxury packages that are worth buying? Here are some light and luxurious packages for the fairy maiden paper, so that we will be the male queen in this spring.

To say the most popular brand of luxury package brand, MICHAEL KORS most of my heart ~ I said that I recently just lost the Bristol handbag good ~ color is a particularly beautiful navy blue, you can not forget to see. The bag is made of cobblestone leather, which is not only a fine texture, but also a very durable and cost-effective cortex.

Like me, I like to put all the bank cards and all the pocket money in the bag, and love the Bristol handbag that has no layer. Its space is very large. My keys, cards, and apple 8+ can all be put in. Most important! Even if I was so packed every day, the Bristol handbag didn’t collapse at all! Four corners, too, did not appear at all.