What needs considering when buying a man bag?

The structure design of a bag is the key, because it determines the performance of the package in terms of practicality, durability, comfort and many other aspects. The more the package function is, the better. The overall design should be simple and practical. A good man bag must have a good backpack design system, such as the belt, belt design is scientific, a comfortable bag should have a wider, thicker and free adjustment of the belt, belt and back pad, because men sometimes do not rule out to put more heavy items in the bag;

At present, the popular bag fabric is Oxford nylon cloth, polyester staple fiber canvas, cowhide and so on. From the aspects of wear resistance, waterproof, quality grade and so on, the best choice is no doubt the men’s bag of cowhide, both noble and durable, but the price will be a little expensive. If considered from the perspective of cost performance, the men’s bag of canvas texture is also a good choice, its style is more fashionable, leisure and durability. There are certain guarantees that Xiaobian suggests that you can choose your own economic situation in two textures of cowhide and canvas.

Volume mainly refers to the size of the bag, men select the size of the bag should be based on the content of the work that a person is often engaged in. The size of the package is determined from the actual needs. The principle is that the principle is not small, the size can be dissatisfied, the small can not be installed. And if a man’s bag is too small, it will be too small.