Release the burden of your back by carrying a comfortable bag

The average weight of men’s knapsack in Britain is 6 kilograms, and the average weight of women’s knapsack is 2.5 kilograms. Department of orthopedics experts pointed out that too heavy knapsack can cause us to be in sub-health state. Besides waist ache and back pain, it may also hurt our spine. At the same time, if you have a habit of carrying a shoulder bag, you may also cause hump, scoliosis and shoulders.

In fact, the weight of the bag is best not to exceed 2 kilograms, and not for a long time. For example, after entering the subway, even if there is no seat, you can put your bag on the floor and allow yourself to take a rest. If you have to carry on your back, you must constantly change the parts and positions of the force.

In fact, in addition to the weight of articles, many bags are not light because of their material problems. Therefore, when purchasing bags, apart from being able to match the clothing, the weight of the bags can be considered as one of the considerations. In addition, cleaning up the bags frequently and removing excess items can also reduce the weight of the bags and lighten the burden.